Our Search for Reliable Green Web Hosting

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wind turbine on green background
Will Mightybytes’ years-long quest to find the perfect green web hosting partner end in environmental peace and harmony? Though Mightybytes has long been an environmentally-friendly company, in 2011, shortly after becoming a certified B Corporation, we began folding sustainability principles into everything we do. This went beyond the office recycling bins or our composting worms. We built sustainability into the DNA of the company. In addition to our work on sustainable web design and greening the office, we identified web hosting powered by renewable energy as the single biggest way to minimize the environmental impact of our work. Read More ›

Why Sharing Code is Benevolent and Sustainable

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Shared libraries offer quick access to solutions for common development problems. Incorporating shared libraries vetted by the developer community makes your entire codebase easier for other developers to understand and, ultimately, more sustainable. Why do the developers at Mightybyes use shared libraries whenever we can? Read More ›

How Enabling Caching Speeds Up Your Website

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Lots of things happen on the back end of a website that many non-technical website managers and business owners don't realize contribute to slow page load times and bad user experience. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to slow page load times is caching. Without caching enabled, a visitor's browser has to make lots of individual requests for assets like images, CSS and JavaScript files. Not only does this slow down your website, it sucks up energy and increases your site's carbon footprint. Here, we'll explain how to cache your assets in the browser by using HTTP headers and caching software. Read More ›