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B Corporations like Mightybytes use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Mightybytes became a Certified B Corporation in July 2011, and also one of the State of Illinois’ first legal Benefit Corporations in January 2013. We use B Lab’s B Impact Assessment as our blueprint for building a better business, measuring what matters, and benchmarking performance. As proud members of the global B Corp community, we strive to use business as a force for good in the world every day.

We believe that in order for society to enjoy a shared and durable prosperity, businesses should be model corporate citizens, serving as leaders in their communities, and operating transparently as if all stakeholders—not just shareholders—matter. Workers should be given a fair living wage and a work environment that supports inclusion and diversity. Sustainability and corporate responsibility should not be siloed in departments, but built into an organization’s DNA.

We also understand that as a profit-driven, service-based business, sometimes a natural tension exists between profit and purpose. We embrace this conflict and strive to make the best decisions possible with what our resources allow.

Our Triple Bottom Line

A common attribute of all Certified B Corporations is a commitment to a triple bottom line. Here is a little bit about what that means to us:

  • People: We seek to have a positive social impact in the lives of our team members, our community, and people around the world.
  • Planet: Sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business, from our green office to our company policies, and by being leaders in the field of sustainable web design.
  • Prosperity: We are a for-profit business. By being prosperous, we are able to accomplish our goals for People and Planet.
Mightybytes team attending B Corp volunteering events

Mightybytes actively participates in B Corp events in Chicago and around the U.S.

Our B Corp Community

In Chicago, we have a close-knit and thriving community of Certified B Corps. We collaborate with B Corps in other sectors to create change, align purpose with profit, and solve social and environmental problems in our region. Mightybytes is one of several Certified B Corps located on what we affectionately refer to as “B Corp Row.”

Chicago has a higher concentration of digital agency B Corps than most markets, so we tap into that resource to raise awareness around topics we care about. By engaging with a network of like-minded, socially-conscious entrepreneurs in our neighborhood we are able to amplify our outreach and education efforts.

For more information on our local B Corp community, check out the Illinois B Corps website. If you want to know more about the global B Corp community, visit B Lab’s website.

Attend a Local B Corp Event

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Our Advisory Committee

We hand-picked an amazing group of talented business leaders who are well-versed in B Corp values and know how to run a triple bottom line business. With their guidance, Mightybytes stays on course to achieve our mission. Our advisory committee includes:

  • Adrian Gershom, former Digital Director at Avenue and principal at Offshoot Design.
  • Dillon Gilhooley, experienced business leadership professional and V.P. of Technology at LawRevu, Inc.
  • Jill Pollack, Founder and Chief Story Wrangler at StoryStudio Chicago, a fellow B Corp and Illinois benefit corporation.
  • Diana Smith, V.P. of Sales at Novo Group and President of the Illinois Search and Staffing Association.
Mightybytes becomes an Illinois Benefits Corporation

It’s official! Mightybytes CEO Tim Frick signs the paperwork to make us one of the first Benefit Corporations in Illinois.

What’s the Difference Between a Certified B Corporation and a Benefit Corporation?

Great question! A Certified B Corporation has gone through a rigorous third-party “B Impact Assessment” that measures a company’s performance in several categories including Workers, Community, Customers, Environment, and Governance, which encompasses accountability and transparency.

By becoming a legal Benefit Corporation, a company must change its corporate structure and follow the provisions of Benefit Corporation legislation. This legislation can vary from state to state but the core principle is that a company must provide social benefit alongside its mission to be profitable.

Annual Benefit Report

Annual Benefit Reports detail our impact on the environment and the community. Download our Annual Benefit Report below.

2016 Benefit Report (3.3MB – PDF)

Annual Benefit Report

Mightybytes Public Benefit Report 2016

Download our Annual Benefit Report for more information about how we track our impact on people and planet.