Creating Social Impact

Everything we do at Mightybytes stems from a desire to do good. From certifying as a B Corp to sustainable web design and community engagement—we always strive to create positive social impact.

Speaking about web sustainability
Mightybytes President Tim Frick shares digital sustainability advice with environmental advocates on Climate Ride.

Helping Our Stakeholders

As a Certified B Corp, working with organizations that share our mission is important to how we fulfill our own. We’re committed to helping our stakeholders—communities, workers, customers, and so on—redesign systems and create shared value.

Improving Communities

We are members of our local Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to improve Chicago’s Ravenswood corridor and make it a great place to live and work. By buying first from local businesses and other B Corps whenever possible, we support a local economy. Also, we host community events online and, COVID-permitting, at our office.

Through B Local Illinois, we collaborate with other B Corps in Chicago to grow the local B Corp community and help it thrive. This helps communities where B Corps reside thrive as well. From volunteer opportunities to speaking engagements, we actively spread the word about using business as a force for good.

Best for the World 2021 logo
As a ‘Best for the World’ B Corp, Mightybytes strives for positive social impact in everything we do.

Prioritizing People

As an LGBT-certified business enterprise, it is important for Mightybytes to create an inclusive work environment where our team and all stakeholders feel welcome and heard. We do this in several ways:

  • Ongoing peer-to-peer education, collaboration, and process improvement.
  • Team participation in strategic planning through SOAR analysis and other collaborative activities.
  • Coordinated volunteer efforts through partners like B Local Illinois, the Alliance for the Great Lakes, and others.
  • Helping team members thrive by paying everyone a living wage, reducing pay inequity, offering the best benefits our resources allow, and providing work-life balance and a flexible schedule.
  • Actively searching out values-aligned partners with which to do business.

Social Impact Campaigns

Social impact is critical to how we fulfill our mission as a B Corp and how we tell our story:

  • As part of our 1% for the Planet commitment, each year Mightybytes supports organizations like Growing Home, which creates economic opportunities, job training, and access to healthy food in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.
  • As part of our B Corp mission, we create original research like our U.N. SDG Report, which helps business leaders understand how peers actually contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • On our blog, we help stakeholders understand how to make better design and technology decisions through our series on corporate digital responsibility.
  • Finally, we contribute to publications like the Sustainable Ecommerce Handbook, helping people understand how to make more ethical, responsible, and sustainable online shopping decisions.

Make Mightybytes Your Social Impact Partner

If partnering with an agency that excels at making the world a better place matters to you, consider Mightybytes for your next project.

Community Events at Mightybytes

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We host educational events and webinars to help nonprofits, small businesses, and local communities learn new skills and amplify their impact.

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