Mightybytes 2022 Impact Report

Here’s how Mightybytes created positive social and environmental impact in 2022.

Mightybytes 2022 Impact Report

As an Illinois Benefit Corporation, Mightybytes produces an impact report every year. This report outlines how Mightybytes made progress on key social and environmental impact goals in 2022.

How We Use Our Business for Good

B Corporations legally expand their fiduciary duty of care to include care for people, care for communities, and care for the natural world on which all life depends. That is what makes B Corps more trusted and more attractive to people who want to work for, buy from, and invest in companies that reflect their values.

— Jay Coen-Gilbert, Co-Founder, B Lab

Mightybytes is on a mission to use our business—and, specifically, the internet—as a force for good in the world. We strive to help purpose-driven organizations make ethical and more sustainable technology choices so they can thrive in an often complicated and sometimes confusing digital landscape.

B Corp Reporting

As an Illinois Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, Mightybytes is legally required to create a public benefit to society alongside our need to pursue profit. This annual report is part of that legal requirement. 

Image of B Impact Score with three SDG icons, top to bottom: 13, Climate Action, 4, Quality Education, 10, Reduced Inequalities
Impact Business Models help us achieve key sustainability goals while also running a viable business.

Impact Business Models

In 2022, we launched three Impact Business Models (IBMs) as a core part of our business. IBMs align a company’s ability to create impact with how it generates revenue. This enables us to weave positive social and environmental impact into the DNA of our business. It also helps us align our work with specific U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Each IBM has its own Theory of Change that outlines how we will achieve our goals and the desired outcomes we seek from our efforts:

These Impact Business Models are core to how Mightybytes balances purpose and profit as a Certified B Corp. Most of our impact work falls into at least one of these categories.

Illustration of a forest with two windmills

Prioritizing the Environment

A systemic approach to change is fundamental. The industrial revolution saw a tenfold increase in humanity’s mechanical and energy capacity, but brought with it an environmental sacrifice that has taken us centuries to fully comprehend. The digital revolution will bring about equally fundamental changes – be they ecological, social, economic, democratic or geopolitical. We need to ensure that we do not usher in a similar Trojan horse.

— David Cormand & Kim van Sparrentak, Digital Technologies In Europe: An Environmental Life Cycle Approach

Mightybytes prioritizes the environment as a key stakeholder in our business practices. Whether it’s digital projects we execute for clients or emissions and waste reductions in our own operations, planetary ecosystems are top-of-mind.

Image of Ecograders carbon estimation interface
In 2022, we launched a new version of our free web sustainability tool Ecograder with a redesigned interface and digital emissions estimates.


A newly redesigned Ecograder launched on Earth Day 2022. With more performance-related metrics and carbon emissions estimates, the 2022 overhaul offers better ways for organizations to reduce website emissions and improve performance goals.

Ecograder produced nearly 25,000 website sustainability reports in 2022.

Image of W3C logo with graphic icons representing community.
In 2022, we began collaborating with other designers and developers via the W3C on a set of open environmental guidelines for the web.

Defining Environmental Guidelines for the Web

The Sustainable Web Design community group of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was created in 2013 to promote then emerging practices for reducing the environmental impact of the web.

In 2022—inspired by W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)—a global group of UX designers, web developers, tech startups, and other agencies began collaborating on a set of environmental guidelines for the web to help people create high-impact, low-carbon websites.

The guidelines fall into five categories:

  1. User Experience (UX) Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Hosting & Infrastructure
  4. Analytics, Measurement, & Reporting
  5. Business Strategy & Product Management

Drafts can be found on the group’s wiki. After broader review by W3C members, they will live on the Sustainable Web Design site we built with our friends at Wholegrain Digital. Longer term, we aim to follow in WAI’s footsteps to create more universally accepted sustainability guidelines. We are excited to co-chair this group and collaborate with so many experts around the world on this project.

Digital sustainability illustration of solar panels on top of a web browser from the HTTP Archive's 2022 Web Almanac
2022 was the first year the HTTP Archive included a sustainability chapter in their annual web almanac.

HTTP Archive’s Web Almanac

Each year, the HTTP Archive—which tracks how the web is built—produces a Web Almanac chronicling the “state of the web”. 2022 marked the almanac’s first-ever chapter on sustainability. As one of the co-authors we might be a little biased, but anyone involved with websites or digital marketing should read the entire almanac. It is chock full of important statistics on how to build a better internet.

Collage of logos for organizations that Mightybytes has committed 1% for the Planet funding to.
1% for the Planet drives most of Mightybytes’ philanthropic endeavors.

1% for the Planet

As part of our 1% for the Planet commitment, Mightybytes donates 1% of our annual gross revenue every year to beneficiary partners such as Chicago’s Growing Home, B Lab, National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation (NPLSF), and others. 

Philanthropic Partnerships

Our 1% for the Planet membership is part of a larger corporate philanthropy strategy. In 2022, Mightybytes President Tim Frick also became a board member at the Alliance for the Great Lakes. The Climate Ride team Tim helped organize in 2022 raised over $20,000.00 for the Alliance.

Mightybytes transitioned to a virtual company in 2022, which helped us reduce more than 65% of overall company emissions.

Reducing Emissions

In March 2022, we closed down the space Mightybytes called home since 2013. It marked our first time without a physical office since the year 2000. While bittersweet, transitioning to a virtual company helped us reduce company emissions by more than 65%.

Scope 3 Emissions

We also worked to reduce the company’s Scope 3 emissions in 2022, including:

Finally, using SME Climate Hub, we offset remaining estimated company emissions through fellow B Corp Tradewater.

Rally photos by Duncan Shaffer and Mika Baumeister.

Creating Positive Social Impact

The earth shouldn’t be taken for granted, nor should its people, and the drivers of this exploitation—greed, racism, capitalism, and other systems of oppression—should be rejected and dismantled. If we combine social justice efforts with environmental awareness efforts, we will harness enough power, representation, and momentum to have a shot at protecting our planet and creating equity at the same time.

— Leah Thomas, The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet

Businesses have a critical role to play in designing a more inclusive and equitable future. As a digital agency, folding Corporate Digital Responsibility principles into the heart of our business is key to how we make progress.

Code of Ethics

Our company Code of Ethics includes unique considerations for social justice under a digital-specific business model. We encourage others to copy it outright or use it to inspire your own ethical guidelines and governance.

Image of 32 different Pride flags in a grid.
In June 2022, Mightybytes created a guide to help organizations combat Pridewashing and support LGBTQ+ employees all year long.

Certified LGBT Business Enterprise

Mightybytes is an LGBT Certified Business Enterprise via the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. This is an important part of our identity as a company that prioritizes equity and inclusion and encourages employees, clients, and other stakeholders to fully engage in the work we’re doing.

In 2022, Nicole Hunter produced a Pridewashing guide to help organizations create authentic policies that support the LGBTQ+ community all year long, not just during Pride Month.

Image of two slides promoting an ethical marketing lunch and learn hosted by the B Corp Marketers Network.
We co-produced several virtual events in 2022 to help B Corp marketers make more ethical and responsible choices in their work.

B Corp Networks

B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies B Corps, supports a variety of networks within the community focused on creating collective impact around various issues. In 2022, we co-chaired the U.S. and Canada B Corp Marketers Network.

The network produces regular virtual educational events meant to help marketers create more impact in their day-to-day work. Topics include ethical marketing, impact storytelling, data privacy, the role of AI, and so on.

Digital Accessibility

Where relevant, all client projects delivered in 2022 adhered to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.2, level “AA” as part of our Impact Business Model for digital accessibility (see above).

Closeup photo of fingers holding an "I Voted" sticker
Creating an economy that works for all people and our shared planet requires everyone to engage with our political systems.

Political Advocacy

Dismantling systems of oppression and inequity requires engaging in various forms of political advocacy:

  • We signed dozens of petitions in 2022 on issues ranging from fair living wages and climate justice to abortion and gender-affirming healthcare access.
  • We began participating in B Lab’s monthly policy calls to share knowledge and resources about state-specific laws important to B Corps and their stakeholders.
  • We participated in calls with local lawmakers on important legislative issues.
  • We supported our team on Election Days so everyone has an opportunity to vote.

These efforts represent yet another step toward aligning our entire stakeholder ecosystem with interdependence and creating shared value

Best for the World

Finally, it is worth acknowledging the recognition we get for these efforts. Mightybytes has made B Lab’s Best for the World list every time the list was released since 2017.

Best for the World B Corps score in the top 5% of all companies worldwide that use the B Impact Assessment to measure impact. Given the assessment’s rigor, this is no small feat.


The Governance Impact Area evaluates your company’s overall mission, ethics, accountability and transparency through topics such as integration of social and environmental goals in employees’ performance evaluation, impact reporting and transparency, stakeholder engagement, and more.

— B Impact Assessment, Governance Impact Area

In 2022, Mightybytes was included in this category for the governing policies and practices we use to run an impact-focused business.


Companies can make a large impact on the lives of their workers well beyond work hours. The Best For The World B Corps in the Workers impact area achieved a top 5% score by putting in place exemplary employee-friendly practices, such as ownership opportunities, job flexibility, and fair-chance hiring policies.

— B Lab’s Best for the World list, Workers Impact Area

We were included in this category for how we prioritize a collaborative and inclusive work environment and strive to offer the best benefits our resources will allow.

Achieving this recognition validates that we are on the right track in how we run an impact-focused business. We are very grateful.

Building a Better Digital Economy

Mightybytes wants to help the players in our business ecosystem thrive—clients, communities, our team, the environment, and so on. Adopting business practices to accomplish this helps us become a better company and contribute to a better world. 

If you have any questions about this impact report or how we balance purpose and profit, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you. 

It is my opinion that Mightybytes has acted in accordance with its general public benefit purpose under the Illinois Benefit Corporation Act and that the directors and officers of Mightybytes have complied with their duties under Sections 4.01(a) and 4.10(a) of the Act, respectively. I have received no compensation for Benefit Director tasks. The board’s powers or discretion have not been restricted or dispensed with in any way.

Jeff Yurkanin
Benefits Director & Officer