Tim Frick

Founder & President

Tim started Mightybytes in early 1998 to help nonprofits, social enterprises, and purpose-driven companies solve problems, amplify their impact, build capacity, and drive measurable business and marketing results.

Tim speaking about B Corps and sustainable design at the UN-sponsored World Eco-Design Conference in China.

Speaking & Facilitation

A seasoned speaker, Tim keynotes conferences and facilitates workshops around the world. He presents on sustainable design, impact assessment, and corporate digital responsibility for organizations like Adobe, Block (formerly Square), Capital One, Northwestern University, Google, Sustainable Brands, and others.

Also, Tim is a Certified Sustainability Designer through Gaia Education, a United Nations global education partner, where he co-facilitated their course on Economic Design. The course is part of the Design for Sustainability program, which helps students learn regenerative design and inclusive economic practices.

Book covers by Tim Frick
Four books written to help people successfully—and sustainably—navigate the digital economy.

Writing & Education

Tim has written four books, which have been translated into multiple languages and are used at educational institutions around the world:

In addition to authoring books, Tim has written for dozens of well-known publications, blogs, and media outlets. He recently contributed to the following projects:

Tim is also a regular contributor to B the Change, the storytelling platform for the global B Corp community. 

B Local Illinois logo banner
B Local Illinois supports the B Corp movement in Illinois and the Midwest.

Community Organizing

Passionate about using the collective power of community to solve problems, Tim leads or participates in a variety of communities whose purpose is to drive meaningful change.

In 2013, Tim started a Sustainable Web Design community group at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In 2023, this group introduced the Web Sustainability Guidelines to help organizations incorporate sustainability principles into the creation and management of digital products and services.

Tim has also co-founded and/or led several B Corp-related networks:

Finally, Tim is currently a board member at the Alliance for the Great Lakes and former Board President for Climate Ride.

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  • B Corps & Impact Assessment
  • Design for Sustainability
  • Impact Storytelling
  • Community Organizing