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Five Compelling Reasons to Ditch the RFP

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Sorry RFP, it’s been a nice run, but we’re breaking up with you.

For years, like many other digital agencies, the majority of Mightybytes’ work came from projects that typically started by responding to some sort of RFP, or Request for Proposal. This year we decided to significantly cut down on the number of RFPs we respond to with a goal of dropping them altogether in 2017. So far this process is working. Billing is up, project overages are down, and we’re not wasting time on proposals we have very little chance of winning. Most importantly, clients are happy. They’re getting quality work at a fair price. Here’s what we have learned along the way.

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Green Patterns: Helping Users Make More Sustainable Choices

Posted by in Sustainability, UX Design

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Both sustainability and UX design are dedicated to creating great experiences for people. For experiences to be both people and planet-friendly, more sustainable choices should be easier to make than their less environmentally-friendly counterparts. But when crafting user experiences, is making choices for users a wise move, even if those choices promote more sustainable behavior? In this post, we will discuss options for creating digital products and services that serve the needs of both people and planet without being disruptive or deceptive.

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Six Dark Patterns to Avoid On Your Website

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Graphic of naive and happy cursor being led into an oven of dark patterns by a trail of candy

Every business or organization wants to see increased conversion rates. When we work with clients to define goals for the digital products we build, a consistent desire for increased donations, purchases, or email sign-ups over time drives most of these conversations. Everyone wants to see a graph of KPIs trending upward, but how far are we willing to go to keep increasing those numbers? Some companies have turned to deceptive practices—or dark patterns in UX parlance—to keep the balance sheet in the black.

As a B Corp, Mightybytes is committed to using business as a force for good in the world. As a digital agency, the internet is where we do that. Below are six examples of using UX design as a force for deception. Don’t do these things.

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