Three Years of Ecograder Stats on Internet Sustainability

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For three years, our free web sustainability tool Ecograder has crawled URLs and ranked them on performance, usability, findability, and use of renewable energy. We have compiled and assessed all the data Ecograder collected during that time. Check out the infographic below for some helpful information on the state of a more planet-friendly internet.

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Ecograder Infographic showcasing three years of data gathered form Ecograder

This data sends a clear message: cutting corners on performance and usability not only frustrates users but can have a direct impact on your bottom line as well. Plus, with a current environmental impact larger than that of the airline industry and electricity needs comparable to a country the size of Germany, an internet powered entirely by renewable energy can make significant reductions in our collective greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change.

Want to learn more? Run your own site through Ecograder or check out our Sustainable Web Design microsite.

Digital Carbon Ratings, now in Ecograder.

Understand how your website stacks up against industry carbon averages with this new feature.

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