Why Buying from B Corporations is Good Business

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When you buy from B Corporations, you support a better way of doing business and a better future for our planet and the people on it. Sounds awesome, right? Today, along with 900+ other B Corps from 29 countries and B Lab, Mightybytes is launching the B the Change campaign, a global movement to celebrate and reward people using business as a force for good. This year-long campaign will build awareness about B Corps, strengthen our community, and ultimately help to create a shared and durable prosperity within the global business community. Read More ›

The Scrum Series: Tips for Agile Project Execution

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Interested in learning more about agile but not sure if it's right for your company? Maybe our scrum series can help. We have talked about and experimented with integrating agile methods into our process for a while now. A number of workshops, a few lunch-n-learns, several books, a project or two, and many discussions later, our approach, like the process itself, has been iterative. Not every client project is appropriate for agile workflows and many of our internal projects don’t translate well to an agile approach. Successfully implementing these methodologies into an existing process is no small feat, which is why we decided to devote not one, but a series of blog posts to exploring various aspects of this approach to executing projects. Read More ›