Seven Lessons From Website Redesign Projects

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Website redesigns offer great potential to improve your business and meet marketing goals. But these projects also have many moving parts. In a recent panel, leaders from several Chicago organizations shared expertise on how to navigate a site overhaul with ease. Read More ›

How to Streamline Bug Reports

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When a newly redesigned website launches, stakeholders are likely to come across elements of the site that aren’t functioning correctly. In order to fix these bugs, as they're called, you’ll need to report them to a developer who can fix them. For a bug to get fixed expediently, it’s helpful to file your report in a way that a developer can easily understand, diagnose, and remedy the problem. Read More ›

UX on a Budget: How User Interviews Can Revolutionize A Redesign

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Doing some of your own user research can help you save money on complex redesigns of your web site or product. Agencies and software developers are not the only entities that have changed the use of user experience from a buzz word into a full-fledged process as part of their development cycle for web sites, mobile apps and other interfaces. Read More ›