Why Sharing Code is Benevolent and Sustainable

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Shared libraries offer quick access to solutions for common development problems. Incorporating shared libraries vetted by the developer community makes your entire codebase easier for other developers to understand and, ultimately, more sustainable. Why do the developers at Mightybyes use shared libraries whenever we can? Read More ›

Does My H1 Tag Always Have to Be Optimized for Search?

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Content plays as important a role as design on your website's homepage. The words that appear on your website not only communicate what you do and what you stand for, they help potential customers find you via search. Because of the importance placed on web copy for search, we often see our clients struggle with balancing beautiful design and marketing copy with what they know Google will want to see when crawling their home page. Read More ›

A Handy Cheat Sheet for Repurposing Content [Free Download]

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Part of a successful content strategy involves taking successful pieces of content and repurposing them for other mediums. This helps you get more mileage out of the efforts you're putting into content creation. Figuring out ways of repurposing content you already have is especially good for organizations with limited staff and budgets. Got a successful blog post? Why not turn it into a webinar, an ebook, or a Twitter chat? Read More ›

Not-So-Scary SEO: Will Rebranding Hurt Our SEO?

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Sometimes companies outgrow their names. It's a perfectly normal part of the business lifecycle, and at Mightybytes, we've worked with a few companies who either underwent a name change or were considering one. But if you change your company name, what happens to your search traffic? Will customers still be able to find you online? In this post, we'll take a look at some considerations when rebranding as it relates to how people find your company online, and we'll offer some practical tips for managing your content and maintaining your rankings if and when your company changes its name. Read More ›

How Enabling Caching Speeds Up Your Website

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Lots of things happen on the back end of a website that many non-technical website managers and business owners don't realize contribute to slow page load times and bad user experience. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to slow page load times is caching. Without caching enabled, a visitor's browser has to make lots of individual requests for assets like images, CSS and JavaScript files. Not only does this slow down your website, it sucks up energy and increases your site's carbon footprint. Here, we'll explain how to cache your assets in the browser by using HTTP headers and caching software. Read More ›