More Alternatives to Using a Carousel on Your Website

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We wrote a post over a year ago about alternatives to using a homepage carousel on your website. To date, it's been the most popular post on the Mightybytes blog, and with good reason. In nearly every client kickoff meeting we have, the subject of a homepage carousel comes up. While by now, many of our clients know a carousel isn't the best way to deal with the issue of homepage governance, it's hard to think of design alternatives. Read More ›

Building Integrated SEO & PPC Campaigns

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Paid search and SEO should work hand-in-hand, not against one another. But how do you manage a campaign that adjusts paid search budgets once organic rankings are achieved? Mightybytes’ go-to PPC wizard Matt Cardoni (he’s managed PPC campaigns for some pretty big-name B Corp retailers, y’all) calls this “the Cardoni metric,” and he's agreed to explain it for our audience. Warning: this piece is a little technical. Be prepared to have your mind blown. Read More ›

How to Explain Difficult Concepts with Awesome Web Design

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We've been working with a host of clients recently who have complicated business structures, or who are disrupting an industry with a simple new way of doing an old job. The stuff they're doing is awesome, but it's difficult to explain in full during the five seconds it takes someone to visit a website, figure out what they're looking at, and decide whether the content is relevant to them. When you're working in a complicated industry you have to do just that. You can't expect website visitors to read several paragraphs of copy that explains why you're different. You simply have to demonstrate that you are different. We wrote previously about how to write and design copy so that it shows, not tells, your visitors what you're about. But what are some ideas for how to pull this off effectively? Read More ›