Wireframing Techniques for a Peaceful Development Process

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image of hand drawn wireframes
What exactly are wireframes? More or less you can think of them as the blueprints behind an interactive project. I’ve seen cases where the wireframing is extensive and cases where wireframes have not been used at all. So, how important is it to make wireframes? Well, I have found over and over again that well thought out wireframing can truly make or break the outcome of a project. Read More ›

The Scrum Series: Tips for Agile Project Execution

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Interested in learning more about agile but not sure if it's right for your company? Maybe our scrum series can help. We have talked about and experimented with integrating agile methods into our process for a while now. A number of workshops, a few lunch-n-learns, several books, a project or two, and many discussions later, our approach, like the process itself, has been iterative. Not every client project is appropriate for agile workflows and many of our internal projects don’t translate well to an agile approach. Successfully implementing these methodologies into an existing process is no small feat, which is why we decided to devote not one, but a series of blog posts to exploring various aspects of this approach to executing projects. Read More ›

What Is Responsive Web Design?

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image of a Responsive Design being shown and a tablet, smart phone and desktop display
If you have paid any attention to the world of web design lately, you’ve likely heard of responsive web design. It’s the new Big Thing, and as such it’s seen its fair share of hype as well as backlash. What designers need to understand about responsive web design is that it’s essentially a screen-size solution, not necessarily a full mobile solution. Read More ›

Going Mobile: Thick or Thin Client?

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Figuring out what’s best for your business in the ever-changing world of mobile content may mean making some smart decisions around whether your content should be delivered via a thick or thin client. The thickness of a client refers to how much processing is done and how much data is stored on the client device versus the servers it interacts with. The more data and processing done, the thicker the client becomes. For example, take two different calendar applications. Read More ›