Mightybytes Celebrates Food Day

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Join Mightybytes in celebrating Chicago Food Day on October 24, 2014. We’re doing our part to contribute to the larger National Food Day that promotes nutrition education and eating healthy, sustainable, and affordable food. The unofficial holiday encourages people to become more conscious about their health, community and the plants and animals that affect your diet. […]

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WordPress Security: Tips for Protecting Your Site from Attacks and Hackers

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Over the past several years, the popularity of WordPress has exploded. It now accounts for almost half of all websites. This popularity brings certain benefits (a robust community of developers, frequent UX improvements, and plenty of plugins for customization). Because of its widespread usage, WordPress sites are a popular target for spammers, hackers and internet creeps.

It’s important to protect your site from spammers and hackers. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions from WordPress and the community that can help you deter an potential security issues. Additionally, it’s a good idea to take some preventative measures to minimize the potential damage of case of a cyber attack.

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Create a Content Strategy with This 6-Step Worksheet [Free Download]

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Defining business goals and understanding your target audience can be a daunting proposition. We often create web content that has nothing to do with organizational goals, which gives us no real understanding of how our audience interacts with it. In this post, we’ll help you cut through the weeds to create a content marketing strategy that will produce results your organization wants to achieve.

You can use this this lean, 6-step document to start to put your web content on track, and make sure everyone on your team knows the how and why of creating blog posts, videos, infographics and more. This method borrows concepts for effective content strategy from Return on Engagement, 2nd edition, which has been completely revised and updated and is authored by two members of the Mightybytes team: Tim Frick and Kate Eyler-Werve.

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Not-So-Scary SEO: What Keywords Should I Optimize For?

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If you’ve never had to come up with a keyword strategy before, it might seem a bit daunting to have to generate a list of keywords that will drive qualified search traffic to your website. Using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools you can still see many of the keywords driving traffic to your site, but how do you know if these are the right terms, and if they aren’t, what the right terms are?

Not to worry. Creating a comprehensive keyword strategy — figuring out which keywords you should optimize for — isn’t hard. It just involves a little bit of reverse engineering and a little bit of research.

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Not-So-Scary SEO: Will Rebranding Hurt Our SEO?

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Sometimes companies outgrow their names. It’s a perfectly normal part of the business lifecycle, and at Mightybytes, we’ve worked with a few companies who either underwent a name change or were considering one. But if you change your company name, what happens to your search traffic? Will customers still be able to find you online?

In this post, we’ll take a look at some considerations when rebranding as it relates to how people find your company online, and we’ll offer some practical tips for managing your content and maintaining your rankings if and when your company changes its name.

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How Enabling Caching Speeds Up Your Website

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Lots of things happen on the back end of a website that many non-technical website managers and business owners don’t realize contribute to slow page load times and bad user experience. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to slow page load times is caching.

Without caching enabled, a visitor’s browser has to make lots of individual requests for assets like images, CSS and JavaScript files. Not only does this slow down your website, it sucks up energy and increases your site’s carbon footprint.

Here, we’ll explain how to cache your assets in the browser by using HTTP headers and caching software.

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Clean Up Your Feed: How to Do a Successful Twitter Purge

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After 6 years of organizational changeover, you might find yourself at the helm of a messy and disorganized Twitter feed. Should you hit the reset button on your inherited social accounts? The answer is yes. Probably.

I started my first Twitter account for business in October of 2008, at a small arts organization, when Twitter was just getting its sea legs as an actual thing that organizations did for marketing. Whoever manages that Twitter account today inherited all the early setup I did, including everyone I followed. Back then, people weren’t exactly using Twitter strategically, because best practices and strategy had hardly been established. There’s no telling who I followed in an attempt to grow that following, but I’d wager some accounts were irrelevant, and a lot of them are probably no longer active.

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11 Essential Online Tools Every Content Creator Needs

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Writing consistent, concise, creative copy for the web on a regular basis involves quite a bit of planning and effort. Even if you have a stable of writers, managing a blog with multiple contributors can be a daunting task. Throw in the added responsibility of writing content with no spelling or grammar errors, that’s visible to search engines and highly shareable on social media — it’s a tall order for even the most creative and ambitious content creators.

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