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Nonprofits: Here’s What Your Donate Page Should Look Like

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Nonprofits have an understandably difficult time creating clear and simple donation pages on their websites. While the best way to get the maximum number of people to take a desired action on a web page is to keep the page simple and include a single, clear call to action, nonprofits often have a multitude of meaningful ways supporters can contribute to […]

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The Unsung Heroes of CSS Selectors

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Some lesser-known CSS selectors can help create a better user experience for site visitors and admins alike.

Website administrators have varying proficiencies when it comes to coding. Not every company or organization has the resources to have a developer on staff. Often, the person who manages the website has some knowledge of HTML, but is not versed in CSS or JavaScript.

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Our Search for Reliable Green Web Hosting

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Will Mightybytes’ years-long quest to find the perfect green web hosting partner end in environmental peace and harmony?

Though Mightybytes has long been an environmentally-friendly company, in 2011, shortly after becoming a certified B Corporation, we began folding sustainability principles into everything we do. This went beyond the office recycling bins or our composting worms. We built sustainability into the DNA of the company. In addition to our work on sustainable web design and greening the office, we identified web hosting powered by renewable energy as the single biggest way to minimize the environmental impact of our work.

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More Alternatives to Using a Carousel on Your Website

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We wrote a post over a year ago about alternatives to using a homepage carousel on your website. To date, it’s been the most popular post on the Mightybytes blog, and with good reason. In nearly every client kickoff meeting we have, the subject of a homepage carousel comes up. While by now, many of our clients know a carousel isn’t the best way to deal with the issue of homepage governance, it’s hard to think of design alternatives.

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Building Integrated SEO & PPC Campaigns

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Paid search and SEO should work hand-in-hand, not against one another. But how do you manage a campaign that adjusts paid search budgets once organic rankings are achieved? Mightybytes’ go-to PPC wizard Matt Cardoni (he’s managed PPC campaigns for some pretty big-name B Corp retailers, y’all) calls this “the Cardoni metric,” and he’s agreed to explain it for our audience.

Warning: this piece is a little technical. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

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Five Simple Tasks to Keep Your Website from Getting Hacked

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Your website is a safe haven for your content and marketing efforts . . . until it isn’t. In this post, we’ll discuss why keeping your web software up-to-date can reduce the risk of site hacks and data breaches.

In March 2015, a security vulnerability was identified in two popular WordPress plugins by Yoast. One of them—WordPress SEO by Yoast—is one of the most popular plugin for WordPress, meaning that this security vulnerability put a large number of websites at risk of attack from black-hat hackers.

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