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Mightybytes Green Hosting

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The single most important thing you can do to reduce the environmental impact of your website or digital product is to power it with renewable energy. The internet has a larger carbon footprint than that of the airline industry and is growing every day, so green hosting is a small but very meaningful thing you […]

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Seven Lessons From Website Redesign Projects

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Website redesigns offer great potential to really improve your business and meet marketing goals. But these projects also have many moving parts. In our panel on November 10th leaders from several Chicago organizations shared expertise on how to navigate a site overhaul with ease. The Panelists Our panel was comprised of leaders from local Chicago-based […]

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How to Choose a WordPress Plugin That’s Secure, Supported & Fits Your Needs

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tearing hair out picking a wordpress plugin

The WordPress plugin directory is home to more than 40,000 plugins. A quick Google search turns up thousands more premium and proprietary plugins not listed in the directory. The sheer volume of choices can be a blessing and a curse for site admins.

Choosing a quality, well-coded plugin that is being actively maintained is important for the security of a site. Poorly-coded plugins may introduce vulnerabilities that hackers and spammers can exploit. Choosing well-coded plugins that follow WordPress standards significantly reduces the likelihood that this will happen.

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Nonprofits: Here’s What Your Donate Page Should Look Like

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Nonprofits have an understandably difficult time creating clear and simple donation pages on their websites. While the best way to get the maximum number of people to take a desired action on a web page is to keep the page simple and include a single, clear call to action, nonprofits often have a multitude of meaningful ways supporters can contribute to […]

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The Unsung Heroes of CSS Selectors

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Some lesser-known CSS selectors can help create a better user experience for site visitors and admins alike.

Website administrators have varying proficiencies when it comes to coding. Not every company or organization has the resources to have a developer on staff. Often, the person who manages the website has some knowledge of HTML, but is not versed in CSS or JavaScript.

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Our Search for Reliable Green Web Hosting

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wind turbine on green background

Will Mightybytes’ years-long quest to find the perfect green web hosting partner end in environmental peace and harmony?

Though Mightybytes has long been an environmentally-friendly company, in 2011, shortly after becoming a certified B Corporation, we began folding sustainability principles into everything we do. This went beyond the office recycling bins or our composting worms. We built sustainability into the DNA of the company. In addition to our work on sustainable web design and greening the office, we identified web hosting powered by renewable energy as the single biggest way to minimize the environmental impact of our work.

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