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Green Patterns: Helping Users Make More Sustainable Choices

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Both sustainability and UX design are dedicated to creating great experiences for people. For experiences to be both people and planet-friendly, more sustainable choices should be easier to make than their less environmentally-friendly counterparts. But when crafting user experiences, is making choices for users a wise move, even if those choices promote more sustainable behavior? In this […]

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Six Dark Patterns to Avoid On Your Website

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Dark Patterns Blog Post

Every business or organization wants to see increased conversion rates. When we work with clients to define goals for the digital products we build, a consistent desire for increased donations, purchases, or email sign-ups over time drives most of these conversations. Everyone wants to see a graph of KPIs trending upward, but how far are we willing to go to keep increasing those numbers? Some companies have turned to deceptive practices—or dark patterns in UX parlance—to keep the balance sheet in the black.

As a B Corp, Mightybytes is committed to using business as a force for good in the world. As a digital agency, the internet is where we do that. Below are six examples of using UX design as a force for deception. Don’t do these things.

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Designing for Sustainability: Create More People and Planet-Friendly Digital Products

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Designing for Sustainability

People-friendly digital products and services are often more planet-friendly as well. That’s because the faster you get users to the content they need, the less energy is used. And our websites and mobile apps use a lot of energy. In fact, the internet is well on its way to being the largest source of carbon emissions in the world. According to Greenpeace, if it were a country, the internet would be the sixth largest user of electricity behind China, the U.S., Japan, India, and Russia. And very little of that electricity comes from renewable sources. But this is something we can fix.

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Sustainable UX: Asking Big Questions About the Internet’s Role in Climate Change

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Sustainable UX Conference

Speakers at Sustainable UX, the first-ever online conference covering digital design and climate change, asked some big questions during their presentations: How can the web design community make a measurable difference in the world? What is UX’s role in combatting climate change? How do the tools and processes we use every day impact usability and energy […]

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Build Better Digital Products and Services With This White Paper on Agile Methods [Free Download]

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Agile Method Blog Post

Whether running a business, building a home, or creating software, the ability to adapt to always changing real-world circumstances is key to success. This white paper covers how agile methods can help you build better products faster, more efficiently, and potentially more cost-effectively as well. In its 12 pages you will find valuable lessons on […]

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