Sustainability is a core part of everything that we do at Mightybytes, from the composting worms in our kitchen to the websites that we build to be energy efficient. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives below.

Sustainable Web Design

We are leaders in the field of Sustainable Web Design, working to raise awareness about internet sustainability issues and to educate designers and developers about the tools and tactics they can use to minimize a website’s carbon footprint.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make your company’s website more energy efficient.

Our Sustainable Web Design blog post series and Sustainable Product Development Manifesto are great resources for designers and developers who would like to learn more about this important topic.


Ecograder is a free tool that grades your websites on sustainability. It helps you find quick and easy ways to reduce consumption, eliminate waste and use less energy. Ecograder has been featured in Fast Company’s CoExist, The Green Market Oracle, Sustainable Brands and other publications.

Employee Engagement

In 2013, Mightybytes finished in the top ten of the Chicago Green Office Challenge. Here are some of our employee engagement efforts related to sustainability:

  • Members of our team participated in peer-to-peer education on topics like water conservation, recycling, green cleaning.
  • We walk, bike, and take public transit to work instead of driving. Our office is located near CTA and METRA Stops. There is a Divvy bike sharing station outside our office, and a bike room in the basement of our office building.
  • Our crew participates in a variety of annual bike commuting and green commuting challenges sponsored by the Active Transportation Alliance.
  • We have a green travel policy, that encourages employees to only travel when necessary and to use green forms of transit when possible. All air travel emissions are offset through fellow B Corp 3 Degrees.
  • Mightybytes has a green purchasing policy that requires the use of B Corporation vendors when possible.
  • We use Zealous Good to donate items that we no longer need, in addition to traditional recycling.

Climate Ride

Several Mightybytes employees have participated in past Climate Ride charity cycling events, pedaling over 300 miles and raising much needed funds for organizations supporting sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes. Teams comprised of Mightybytes employees and their friends have thus far raised nearly $100,000.00 on Climate Ride events.


Our Energy Efficient Office

Our office on Ravenswood has many green features, including:

  • Partially recycled drywall
  • An energy-efficient HVAC system
  • Energy Star appliances
  • NEST system, which helps us track and refine our energy use
  • Low VOC paints
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Custom-made countertops made with recycled cement and other reclaimed materials
  • Two living green walls
  • Recycling and e-waste recycling
  • Vermicomposting

Our office culture includes home brewing beer, and new kegging equipment cuts down on the bottles that we use during that process.

Sustainable Web Design

Check out our microsite on sustainable web design.