Website Maintenance and Support Services

Make Mightybytes your strategic digital partner for ongoing support and website maintenance

Website Maintenance and Support Services

If you need additional features, ongoing consultations, troubleshooting, or just someone to call when you have a question, Mightybytes offers website maintenance and support packages that will keep you moving toward continued success.

Support Retainers & Feature Development

We understand that managing and maintaining a successful digital product or service is complex, challenging, and requires a long-term commitment. We’re here to help. Our support packages are customized to your unique needs based on our entire range of services. We’ll help you figure out what’s best for both your budget and the tasks you want to accomplish. This includes devising a roadmap for researching, developing, and testing new website features for optimal performance over time.

Website Maintenance

A neglected website can lead to scores of security and functionality issues over time. Out-of-date plugins or software can make your digital product difficult to use, cause you to lose data, or, worse yet, leave your site vulnerable to hackers. Our basic monthly website maintenance package covers most clients’ needs for a baseline hardening against these issues. It includes:

  • Software updates: We review and update software, plugins, your content management system, and so on twice monthly, to provide a baseline safeguard against security vulnerabilities.
  • Data backups: We provide regular site and database backups, which means if your site does get hacked you can roll back to a recent clean version quickly.
  • Site logging & notifications: Because we log all the services your site needs—domain registration, security certificates, etc.—you will get notices from us when things are set to expire as well as when we make software updates.
  • Green web hosting: Our basic website maintenance package also includes green web hosting powered by renewable energy.

Need help with digital product support or website maintenance? Drop us a quick line and we’ll get back to you.

Website Support and Maintenance Services