Website Optimization Services

Get a speedier product and happier customers with website optimization services from Mightybytes.

Website Optimization Services

Most customers will abandon a website that doesn’t load in less than two seconds. Make sure yours isn’t one of those.

Numerous studies have shown that page load time directly impacts website abandonment rates. If your pages don’t load quickly, your customers leave. Simple as that. Google has clearly stated that your site’s load speed directly impacts how it ranks in search engine results as well.

Over time, the best laid website governance plans can fall short: improperly compressed images, bloated code, outdated software, and other embedded content types such as display ads or videos, undermine a user’s experience and increase their chances of abandonment. And nobody wants to feel abandoned.

With reasons as compelling as these, why wouldn’t you make sure your pages are built for speed? Mightybytes helps organizations optimize their digital products and services in the following ways:

  • Site audit & strategy: We crawl your site, identify the problem spots, then present you with a prioritized plan for improvement.
  • Site-level optimization: We employ tactics that impact a site’s overall performance, like optimizing a content management system or deploying shared libraries.
  • Page optimization: We optimize individual components on a page, such as images or code snippets.
  • Report scorecard: We provide you with a report showing your optimization score before and after our efforts.

Because website performance is an indicator of whether or not your site will be penalized in Google’s rankings, our website optimization services work best when deployed in conjunction with SEO and conversion rate optimization strategies.

Need website optimization help? Drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

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