Data and Analytics Services

Ensure your data drives real business results with analytics services from Mightybytes.

Data and Analytics Services

Analytics tools offer great insights off-the-shelf, but the data they track is only as useful as the effort you put into benchmarking, custom tracking, and data analysis over time. 

Customizing website analytics allows you to better understand your customers’ specific needs. In turn, this helps your organization better achieve its goals. However, many organizations don’t take advantage of this powerful approach, choosing instead to set it and forget it. This is a lost opportunity.

By tagging your content and tracking specific interactions with it, you can gain valuable insights on how best to improve the customer experience. For instance, know when users add or remove items from their shopping carts, download ebooks or white papers, or watch videos.

Better yet, track form completion alongside form abandonment and learn to improve conversions. The possibilities are far-reaching and the results can significantly impact your bottom line.

Mightybytes offers analytics services in three categories:

  • Analytics customization: Go beyond standard metrics and dig deeper into how users interact with your content. 
  • Data analysis: Find valuable insights into customer behavior based on what the data tells us. Drive continuous improvement over time.
  • Monthly Reporting: Get valuable insights over time on what’s working, what’s not, and to improve performance against your goals.

When coupled with a good digital strategy, these analytics services can significantly impact your bottom line and improve your customers’ experience.

Interested in learning how our analytics services can help you align data with business goals? Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you. 

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