Software Integration Services

Build more robust, cost-effective digital products with software integration services from Mightybytes.

Software Integration Services

Today’s digital products often connect to third-party services to extend functionality and improve user experience. This can save time and money on custom development costs.

Third-party software integrations can be as simple as pulling customer data into a single field or as complex as building an entire software application atop an external system. However they stack up, these integrations can vastly improve user experience and solve complex challenges not normally found in off-the-shelf solutions. They also save valuable time on custom development, which in turn saves you money.

Some common integrations include:

  • Adding association or membership management features to your website.
  • Managing donations, ticket sales, or event registrations.
  • Creating a conduit between a CRM and your corporate website.
  • Implementing shopping cart, live chat, or single sign-on features.

These are just a few of the many, many options available. If you can brainstorm a feature idea for your digital product or service, chances are that someone has developed a plug-in or online service to address your needs. Oftentimes you can continue using the same systems you already have in place, which means no major shifts to how your organization operates. Sometimes these integrations can lead to unlocking more potential within your existing systems as well. In all cases, we partner feature ideas with prototyping and user testing to ensure they don’t miss the mark upon release, which saves you money and wasted time developing features that won’t get used.

Here’s how Mightybytes folds software integration services into our projects. During the discovery process, we define your project’s technical specifications and identify any potential technology gaps that might keep you from meeting your goals or implementing high-value features. This drives research into finding the most flexible solution that fits within existing project parameters: time, budget, technology stack, etc. We then present you with several options to reach desired outcomes, with budget and timing implications for each. We’ll prototype the integration so you and your users can test its viability. If consensus is reached that it’s the best path forward, we’ll develop the full integration, testing with users along the way when applicable.

Want to learn more about software integration services from Mightybytes? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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