Information Architecture and Content Strategy Services

Help your users find the content they need with information architecture and content strategy services from Mightybytes.

Information Architecture and Content Strategy Services

Content strategy and information architecture are critical components to crafting and maintaining successful digital products and services.

Every successful product tells a story, guides user choices, and puts the right information in front of people at just the time they need it. Content strategy coupled with good information architecture can make the difference between crafting successful digital products and leaving users cold, or worse yet, confused. Well-organized content forms the foundation of all your digital work. We help you prioritize it accordingly in your project.

We employ a content first approach to our work at Mightybytes, which means we prioritize content alongside user experience, feature development, and other tactics that drive a successful project. We help our clients consider content at the outset, not as an afterthought. This sets the stage for more successful projects.

Information Architecture Services

All the great content in the world won’t mean a thing if your users can’t find what they need. Defining all the necessary content and data types for a project, then organizing them into intuitive ‘buckets’ that are easy for users to navigate is critical to the success of any complex digital project.

We help our clients wrangle their information architecture challenges in these ways:

  • Card Sorting: Helpful when making decisions on information architecture, card sorting is a simple user experience design exercise that engages feedback from real users to inform content and design decisions.
  • Data and Content Modeling Workshop: We define the content types necessary to achieve your desired outcomes, then fit them into the overall architecture of your digital product.
  • Sitemaps: Sometimes it can be helpful to visualize the results of card sorting or data modeling exercises with sitemaps that show how core site pages and content types interact with one another.

When creating and refining a project’s information architecture, it can be helpful to couple these efforts by tree testing proposed navigation structures to ensure that users can easily find the things they need. Similarly, your navigation structure can be an important driver for search engine results, so it can be helpful to consider information architecture alongside SEO efforts as well.

Content Strategy Services

Good content marketing requires first having a solid content strategy that is aligned with your brand’s goals while also dovetailing with the needs and desires of your customers. Executing this successfully can be a lot more complicated than it might seem. Multiple channels, misaligned stakeholders, lack of a clear brand strategy, these things and many more can undermine how you communicate to your customers and impact your bottom line.

At Mightybytes, content strategy takes high priority on any project. Here are some of the content strategy services we offer our clients:

  • Content audit: Before getting started, it helps to know what you have to work with. We map out existing efforts and make strategic recommendations on the best path forward.
  • Message architecture: Convey your communications goals consistently and build a compelling foundation for your content strategy using message architecture.
  • Content ecosystem mapping: Content exists in many places within your organization. Sometimes the best place to find content for a website or digital product is right under our noses. This workshop helps you source and analyze the true value of your company’s content and analyze the platforms where different content types work best. 
  • Content migration workshop: We help you prepare for success by setting realistic expectations for what can sometimes be a herculean effort and walking you through a process so you’re set up for success.
  • Page brief templates: Page briefs identify primary goals, focus keywords, calls-to-action (CTAs), and other important components of your site’s core pages. We work with you to create templates for the most valuable content types.
  • Content creation: Don’t have internal content creation resources? We can work with your team to create content that aligns with your strategy.
  • CMS training: To successfully execute content marketing efforts, your team needs to master its content management system. We train your team to get up and running quickly.
  • Content governance workshop: Over time your site can become a sprawling mess without an effective governance strategy. We prime your team for long-term content management success in a collaborative setting and walk you through important practices like calendar and capacity planning.

Content strategy efforts often work best when they dovetail with other important digital marketing initiatives, like SEO and social media strategies.

Think our information architecture and content strategy services can help your organization? Drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

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