Data and Digital Strategy Services

Prime your organization for success across channels with digital and data strategy services from Mightybytes.

Data and Digital Strategy Services

Are all your digital channels strategically aligned with your organization’s business goals, skills, and capacity to execute?

When your data and digital channels are brought together under a cohesive strategy that works within your organization’s skills and capacity, you are able to more quickly and fully realize success. This is no small feat, however.

With so many tools, platforms, services, and online channels available, it’s easy for your digital strategy efforts to become splintered, inconsistent, or off-brand. Before you know it, big problems arise:

  • You can’t find the data you need to make smart or timely business decisions.
  • You don’t have the data science skills necessary to level-up your data game.
  • Business and marketing goals regularly fall short of reaching their potential.
  • You run the risk of violating new and emerging data privacy and security laws.

In the end, these things cost money—sometimes lots of it—and undermine your organization’s integrity.

Sustainable Digital Transformation

Our data and digital strategy services help clients align organizational goals and capacity in the following ways:

  • Data strategy workshops: Build organizational consensus and jumpstart a responsible plan for digital transformation in a collaborative setting with key stakeholders.
  • Strategy audits: Audit existing digital efforts across channels and platforms to define criteria for data success, then assess what’s working and what’s not.
  • Data capacity planning: Dovetail your organization’s resources with a strategy that ensures success and doesn’t overwhelm stakeholders. We determine which platforms your audience uses and create a game plan to maximize potential for success based on the resources you have to achieve target outcomes.
  • SEO/SEM strategy: Integrate search strategies with complementary efforts like content creation, PR campaigns, analytics reporting, and so on.
  • Content governance: Devise a flexible yet measurable content plan to keep your team(s) on track for continuous improvement.
  • Measurement strategy: Align organizational goals with data points and key performance indicators (KPIs) to benchmark continued success.
  • Analytics & reporting: Provide data analysis and ongoing recommendations for how best to improve performance over time.

Mightybytes takes a holistic and more sustainable approach to an organization’s data and digital strategy. We audit existing efforts across all channels, then dovetail a strategy and some baseline metrics with your goals to devise a plan that will provide results. Then we’ll help you implement that plan. We do this while minding your capacity along the way—there’s no sense devising a plan that your team doesn’t have the resources to act on.

Want to learn more about our data and digital strategy services? Drop us a line. We’ll get right back to you.

Digital Strategy Services
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