User Research & User Testing Services

Improve your chances for launching a successful product with user research and user testing services from Mightybytes.

User Research & User Testing Services

Digital products and services that are researched and tested with real users have much greater chances for market success.

Mightybytes employs both qualitative and quantitative approaches to user research and testing. Testing strategies are typically defined during strategy and discovery workshops based on several criteria, including a project’s complexity, its overall budget, and disconnects between what users want and our clients’ organizational goals. User research and testing helps to bridge gaps in communication by bringing users into the conversation early and often. This improves outcomes and produces better solutions across the board.

User research and testing services can be part of a larger project, their own separate project, or work in tandem with other strategic digital marketing efforts like SEO or conversion rate optimization.

User Research Services

Truly understanding your users’ needs empowers you to craft solutions that will not only satisfy but actually delight them. This is where good user research tactics can make the difference between a lackluster digital product and a truly successful one.

Our user research services empower project stakeholders to gain valuable insights into a target audience’s needs, desires, and preferences. We then translate that data into user experience recommendations that are focused on providing strategic impact for the organizations we work with based on what their users really need. This prevents our clients from wasting resources on solutions that don’t offer value while also ensuring that end user goals are met every step of the way.

We use proto-personas created during our discovery workshops to devise a strategy and approach that is specific to the answers we are trying to find. The research falls into three categories:

  • Quantitative research: We employ user surveys, analytics data analysis, and online services to answer broad questions about the viability of a proposed solution.
  • Qualitative research: We conduct interviews with target users (preferably in-person when possible) to address very specific questions we have individual features or concepts.
  • Observational research: We track how users interact with a specific digital product or service, analyzing where they struggle to successfully complete tasks.

User research services offer insights into a proposed solution’s viability and clarity around users’ unmet needs. This in turn sheds light on potential tasks to help them accomplish goals while also helping you meet business and marketing goals.

User Testing Services

As a digital product comes to life, we test assumptions with real users to ensure what is released resonates with your target audience. We typically employ two reliable methods for testing digital products: remote testing and live interviews. For all user testing services, we compile and analyze data that is then delivered to project stakeholders as a report with our recommendations.

Remote User Testing

Remote user testing provides data-driven validation to move a project forward toward success. Depending on the insights we hope to gain, Mightybytes employs a variety of remote testing methods, including online tools, surveys, and software services. The methods we use are largely dependent on questions or inconsistencies that arise during discovery and elsewhere in our process. Remote user testing is typically most useful if we need quantitative data from a larger number of people.

Live User Testing

If more in-depth feature or user experience validation is needed, we conduct live user tests. These tests are specific to the insights we hope to learn. In some cases, a test might involve building user flows, asking questions, and defining tasks for users to accomplish with a prototype. Other tests might entail card sorting activities to evaluate information architecture choices or A/B tests to determine which interface options better resonate with users. For each test, we collaborate with our clients to define and refine test specifics and achieve clarity on learning goals.

As a qualitative approach, it is preferable to do these interviews in-person, but if necessary videoconferencing tools can work as well. Interviews sessions are always recorded.

Make sure your digital products and services align with both business goals and user needs. User research and user testing services from Mightybytes can help you get there.

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