Grant Planning Services

Improve your nonprofit’s chances of winning important grants with with grant planning services from Mightybytes.

Grant Planning Services

With nearly 25 years of scoping out digital projects large and small, Mightybytes can help your nonprofit or social enterprise quickly understand project details to meet grant application requirements.

We understand organizational budgeting realities: You can’t apply for a grant or get a project budget approved until you know how much things will cost.

We also understand digital project realities: Shifting priorities and new ideas often drive innovation and yield better results. These increase your chances for success but often expand project scope as well. Yet budgets and deadlines are typically set in stone, which makes accurately estimating—and executing!—digital projects a real challenge.

Mightybytes offers grant planning services to help our clients better align their financial expectations with digital project realities. This is a much better approach than widely distributing an RFP and holding out hope that someone meets your criteria.

Grant Planning Workshops

Grant applications typically require high-level project details in order to meet consideration requirements. We run grant planning workshops based on our product roadmapping process. Everything is grounded in collaboration and human-centered design practices:

  • You share the grant application, your business goals, capacity, and subject matter expertise on the problem we hope to solve.
  • We facilitate hands-on exercises meant to reach consensus on desired outcomes, target project budget, preferred timeline, and a broad list of prioritized deliverables to help you meet your goals.

Using this process, we will create a responsible roadmap that is realistic enough to ensure viability while also flexible enough to support high-quality deliverables aligned with your business goals, target user needs, and application requirements.

We have extensive expertise bringing digital projects to life and can pull historical data from many years of projects to build accurate estimates and create compelling yet realistic product roadmaps. This information can then be plugged into your grant application.

Want to learn more about Mightybytes project scoping and grant planning services? Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.

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