C-SAM Website & Content Strategy

When C-SAM needed a new digital strategy and website with which to execute that strategy, they turned to Mightybytes. Here’s how we helped them better communicate their story of innovation to a wider audience.

From depositing a check using your smartphone, to helping doctors access secure medical records, C-SAM’s white label enterprise mobile wallet solution powers the secure transactions of diverse companies and organizations. They offer a dizzying array of product features to multinational clients in diverse sectors, including major financial institutions, retailers, mobile health service providers and telecommunications companies.

Unfortunately, C-SAM’s outdated website didn’t do much to communicate their global innovation and leadership, or their complex product benefits. It was time to rebuild their site—and to create website content—from the ground up. C-SAM partnered with Mightybytes to create a new content and social media strategy based on audience research and on the development of a new, responsive website. An SEO audit and keyword research helped the organization map content to searcher intent, which drove content strategy creation.

User Research

Prior to working on the website design, Mightybytes conducted audience research on core groups of target website users to identify the key messages and types of content that appealed most strongly to them. A new content strategy blueprint was created, providing detailed specifications for building new content from the ground up.

  • A new “Solutions” section encompasses a suite of case studies, communicates the value propositions and product features that are most relevant to clients in specific sectors while demonstrating the company’s history of success.
  • A new “Technology” section puts all of the resources needed by Systems Architects and Product Managers into one place, while also highlighting new product features.
  • A new site-wide call-to action to “sign up for a demo” makes the customer conversion path clear.
  • A new “Innovation at C-SAM” section frames the company’s story as a global innovator and patent holder.
  • New landing pages for industry analysts, prospective job seekers, and members of the press provide critical resources to those audiences.

The redesigned website is newly optimized with responsive design, enabling site visitors to have a pleasant and easy experience, no matter whether they are browsing on a desktop in New York City or a mobile device in New Delhi.

Driving Returns

C-SAM’s new website was redesigned to be mobile and tablet friendly, and more clearly communicates the company’s role as a global innovator in mobile wallet technology. Clearer conversion paths and calls to action will make it easier for prospective clients to sign up for a product demo.

New content types, such as a new suite of case studies, and a dedicated section for systems architects, do a better job of directing core groups of audiences to the materials that they need quickly, as well as communicating the value proposition statements that are most relevant to each audience.

An SEO audit, keyword research and social media strategy helped ensure that the overhauled website reaches both broad and target audiences through popular keyword terms and the social media channels that their clients are most heavily using.

Finally, the site is designed to support C-SAM’s unique administrative workflow and to serve the needs of their globally distributed team.

In 2014, C-SAM was purchased by Mastercard, enabling this innovative startup to broaden their reach even further.