Create delightful experiences with visual and user interface design services from Mightybytes.

Successful brands know that maintaining visual consistency across all products, services, and communications is a necessity.

Visual and interface design services from Mightybytes ensure that your organization maintains brand standards and represents itself consistently across channels with interfaces and design artifacts that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

We work with your existing design standards to create visual solutions that align with your brand. Don’t have design standards or a system for managing them? No problem! We can help with that too.

User Interface Design Services

A great digital product doesn’t work without a great interface that’s easy to understand and enjoyable to use. We’ve got 20+ years experience designing interfaces for websites, mobile apps, web applications, kiosks, and many other digital media types.

We dovetail our user interface design services with the UX design services we offer to ensure that any design deliverables align with desired business outcomes and target user goals. We employ responsive design techniques for all our user interface design work, so your digital products offer enjoyable experiences for users across platforms and devices.

Some common design deliverables for digital product or website projects include:

  • Mood Cards: Hone in on a brand’s visual style and help define the collective language necessary to articulate design preferences.
  • Style Tiles: Visualize common product assets, such as fonts, colors, image styling, interface elements, and so on. Style tiles do not convey layout details.
  • Content & Display Patterns: Digital products are made up of different content types which can be displayed in a variety of ways. For component-based design projects, we define content and display patterns across primary content types.

Mightybytes doesn’t deliver design comps for our projects, as static designs don’t accurately represent the dynamic nature of web interfaces. Once style tiles are approved, we apply those design styles to web-based prototypes. This allows for much more design flexibility, allowing components to be mixed and matched across the project.

Visual Design & Branding Services

Our work often goes hand-in-hand with clients’ existing visual design and branding efforts. We can ensure that the design work we do maintains consistency with existing brand assets and is aligned with your organization’s more comprehensive brand strategy. We can also start from scratch, if necessary. 

Here are some of the solutions we offer to do this:

  • Style & Brand Guides: Handy reference tools that stakeholders within your organization can use to maintain consistency in their projects and when managing web content.
  • Design Systems: Create consistency across all your digital products and services with a robust, interactive design system that standardizes visual assets like color palettes, typography, and logo usage alongside non-visual elements like voice, tone, and grammar.
  • Data Visualization: Sometimes data on its own is not enough to tell a compelling story. We offer data visualization services to help you interpret and better communicate important data analysis.

Our design team has extensive experience working with existing brand guidelines. Occasionally, people come to us without these assets. We can work with you to devise a stopgap solution that will work for our project, or we can team up with one of our strategic partners to devise a more robust, longer term solution.

Think Mightybytes visual and user interface design services might help you? Drop us a line and let us know how. We’ll get right back to you.

Design & UX Services

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