Customer Journey & Experience Mapping Services

Create more useful products with Mightybytes customer journey and experience mapping services.

Customer Journey & Experience Mapping Services

Charting your ideal customer’s path through a product or service—and then testing your assumptions with actual customers—provides valuable insights that will quickly move you toward reaching target business outcomes and success.

Mightybytes experience mapping services move beyond the digital realm to encompass all touchpoints a customer has with your brand. By identifying channels and touchpoints, then exploring each interaction in detail, a picture of where your organization is flourishing and where there is room for improvement starts to emerge. These insights can be used to improve customer service, eliminate frustrating experiences for your users, or inspire new products, digital or otherwise.

User Experience Mapping Services

How many interactions will it take for your users to fill out an application, register for an event, make a donation, design a photo album, create a document library, or build a profile? Mapping user task flows can help you figure that out. Typically coupled with user research, testing, and prototyping, user experience mapping builds consensus around target outcomes. This allows us to refine what should be built before wasting time and resources creating features that don’t get used or making changes to existing features.

Depending on the complexity of your interactions, user experience maps can be created during a whiteboard sketching workshop or as a high-fidelity design artifact. More often, they exist in some combination of the above: a sketch is created, tested with real users, and the map increases in fidelity and usability as continuous learning occurs.

Customer Journey Mapping Services

How do you know if your customers are truly happy with your brand? As the old adage says, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. However, you can identify opportunities to improve the products and services your customers use. That’s where customer journey maps can help.

Charting a customer’s interactions with your brand from first contact all the way through to retention will help you figure out which interactions are meeting user goals and driving business outcomes and which are frustrating customers and leading to churn. This can help you generate ideas for new products and improved services (digital or otherwise). Our customer journey mapping services can set you on the right course to building better relationships with your customers.

Customer journey mapping services are typically broken into five exercises:

  • Preliminary research: Depending on the nature of your customer relationships, this could involve persona exercises or more formal interactions like surveys or interviews.
  • Touchpoints & channels: We identify the specific interactions customers have with your brands and the channels through which each communication happens.
  • Empathy mapping: These exercises help everyone identify how customers feel during specific interactions.
  • Solutions brainstorming: We uncover opportunities for improvement based on results of the empathy mapping exercise.
  • Affinity diagrams: We group potential solutions together to identify opportunities, some of which may be ‘low-hanging fruit’ while others require a heavy lift but will also significantly impact customer satisfaction.

Throughout this process, we identify opportunities for you to create closer, more meaningful interactions with your customers, via both online and offline channels. We then deliver a customer journey map, which becomes a blueprint for longer term, ongoing improvement.

Think Mightybytes customer journey and experience mapping services can help you build a better product or service? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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If you’re interested in learning more about customer journey mapping but don’t want to reach out, check out our post What is a Customer Journey Map? and download the free template.