Discovery Workshops

Mightybytes discovery workshops help stakeholders reach consensus quickly on key project parameters

Discovery Workshops

Good collaborative processes foster shared learning and quick progress towards your goals in ways that endless documentation never will. With strong collaboration, our teams make more educated decisions, create better products, and meet your business or marketing goals faster. This is why collaboration is the cornerstone of our discovery process.

Grounded in human-centered design practices, our discovery workshops support stakeholder collaboration, help us collectively define target outcomes, and get everyone charted on a path to mutual success. These sessions are where the Mightybytes team gains a full understanding of your needs, your goals, and how we’ll collaborate to produce the best results. They drive our onboarding process and are one of the most important aspects of our work together. We tailor these discovery workshops to each client’s unique needs.

Common workshop exercises include:

  • Business goals: Building consensus on project business goals and desired outcomes.
  • Proto-personas: Defining our target audience and getting specific about what motivates them.
  • User tasks & goals: Creating a list of goals users have and defining tasks that could help them achieve those goals.
  • Feature brainstorming: Exploring features that might help our target users meet their goals.
  • Hypotheses: Dovetailing features with personas and goals to create hypotheses statements based on assumptions and success metrics.
  • Prioritization: Using risk/value analysis to create consensus on the highest value deliverables.

These hands-on, collaborative workshop activities drive long-term strategy, set the tone for our working relationship together, and provide a foundation for successful digital marketing in an environment that fosters trust and mutual success.

Want to learn more about how our discovery workshops can chart you on a path to continued success? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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