Corporate Digital Responsibility Training

Mitigate risk and help your organization make more responsible digital decisions

Corporate Digital Responsibility Training

Imagine the damage that could be caused by a weapon controlled by malevolent AI, the impact of a total loss of personal privacy, or the social and economic costs of unregulated gig-economy jobs with few or no social protections. The potential outcomes of these and other scenarios are starting to be openly discussed within governments and civil society. Now corporate entities need to join the debate.

— Michael Wade, MIT Sloan Management Review

Get your team up to speed on the latest Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) practices with this interactive workshop.

Digital transformation will only work for your organization if it is done ethically and responsibly. Miss something critical and unintended consequences can arise. Worse, you could be fined or hit with a lawsuit.

Based on global academic research and real-world case studies, our CDR workshops ensure your team is up-to-speed on the latest practices necessary to keep your organization and its stakeholders safe and relevant. Reduce risk and make your organization more resilient and viable in the face of an uncertain future.

Corporate Digital Responsibility Workshops

Part innovation workshop, part risk mitigation process, Mightybytes’ CDR workshops follow a four-step process:

  1. CDR basics: First, we outline common practices and share case studies on responsible digital transformation done well.
  2. Risk & resilience: Next, we run through a set of collaborative human-centered design exercises to identify where potential pitfalls and opportunities may lie within your organization.
  3. Map solutions: After that, we’ll brainstorm potential solutions and discuss organizational expertise and capacity to prioritize action items your team can take.
  4. CDR analysis & report: Finally, we’ll present your team with a report that outlines what we learned and includes recommendations for how best to move forward.

These exercises are facilitated in a virtual workshop setting to support faster consensus building and better collaboration. A couple months after every engagement, we’ll also check in with you to see how implementation is going.

Why Might My Organization Need a CDR Workshop?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You don’t have organizational policies and practices around responsible digital adoption and transformation.
  • Digital products and services have become unwieldy, as have the standards of practice surrounding them.
  • You’ve been hit with a data privacy, accessibility, or disinformation lawsuit and aren’t sure what to do.
  • Your team is adopting new enterprise-level technologies and training-as-you-go.
  • You’re worried about all of the above.

If so, your organization could be a prime candidate for one of these workshops.

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

While we believe anyone can find value in a Mightybytes CDR workshop, these people will find them especially valuable.

  • Organizational leadership and management
  • Digital marketing and communications teams
  • Startup teams building new digital products and services
  • Operations leaders looking to be more responsibly competitive

Looking for more responsible digital transformation? Drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you. 

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