Mightybytes search engine marketing services can help you quickly increase your online visibility.

Paid advertising and search engine marketing (SEM) offer great options to increase online visibility, especially when executed in tandem with good content and SEO practices. Mightybytes can help you plan, set up, and manage your campaigns.

Getting found online is one of the most important factors to successful digital marketing, but it’s also one of the toughest. With over one billion websites and counting, internet users need help finding what they are looking for. SEO is often a long-term activity focused on a limited number of search terms and is restricted to search engine results, whereas Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps to fill the gap, providing immediate results to a targeted audience.

Paid campaigns allow you to target specific audience behavior—from the search terms people use to the websites they visit—as well as specific demographics such as age, gender, income or personal interests. Your ads can be shown in search results and on social networks, websites, or mobile apps in a variety of formats, including text, display, and video. You can pay per click, by 1,000 impressions, by referral, or your ads can even “follow” users around the internet. With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Search Engine Marketing

Mightybytes SEM services will take the stress away from managing paid online advertising campaigns. We’ll work with you to create an SEM strategy that includes the best types of ads to reach your goals, a schedule so you know when those ads will run, and a budget that will get you a strong return.

We’ll set up and manage campaigns for you, allowing you to focus on the leads these efforts generate, and we’ll optimize ads so you can improve results. We’ll also make sure our efforts work alongside your SEO activities, so they integrate with each other to get you the broadest reach possible while also optimizing your budget. We believe in open communication and transparency, so each month you’ll receive a report outlining campaign performance and recommendations for improving efforts.

Social Media Advertising

Social networks allow you to target your ads to very specific demographics, from a user’s job title and income to their interests and favorite brands. We’ll help you set up social media advertising campaigns that will reach the exact audience you want, with well-written content and beautifully designed graphics. Our team will work closely with you to determine what social networks are best for your campaign, what creative will make the best impact, and an ad schedule that is active when your users are online.

Whether you’ve been using online advertising for years or want to run your first SEM campaign, we’re here to help. Contact us today and let us know more about your needs.

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