Digital Sustainability Services

Improve your digital products while also reducing their environmental impact.

Digital Sustainability Services

Create and manage impactful, high-performing, low-carbon products with digital sustainability services from Mightybytes.

The Internet’s data centers alone may already have the same CO2 footprint as global air travel…global communication technologies will be responsible for more carbon emissions in 2025 than any country except China, India, and the United States.

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Applying sustainability principles to your digital products and services not only improves their performance and accessibility, but leads to happier users and better business outcomes as well. 

Grounded in the Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSGs) from the World Wide Web Consortium’s Sustainable Web Design community group, we employ best-in-class practices to identify and improve core sustainability metrics for your website or other digital product/service.

How Mightybytes Deploys Digital Sustainability

We can focus on the entire life cycle of a digital product or service to identify the most meaningful impact opportunities. Or we can identify low-hanging fruit to get started quickly.

To do this, we’ll audit several key components:

  1. User Experience: Does the product impede users’ ability to accomplish tasks in any way? Does it help them make more sustainable choices?
  2. Technical Performance: How quickly do assets load and display for users across browsers, devices, platforms, and bandwidth?
  3. Green Infrastructure: Do the product’s host and any third-party services power their data centers with renewable energy?

While other decisions in your business operations and daily processes can impact your digital footprint, our research has shown that these areas contribute most to a product or service’s environmental impact (while often frustrating users in the process).

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Our Process

Mightybytes’ web sustainability tool Ecograder is at the heart of Mightybytes’ digital sustainability services. Here’s what you can expect from a digital sustainability engagement with Mightybytes:

  1. Goal Setting & Baseline: First, we’ll schedule a short session to map out the criteria required to audit and improve your digital product or service.
  2. Audit: Next, we’ll perform the audit, setting emissions and performance baselines and identifying ways to improve the elements listed above. 
  3. Report: Third, we create a prioritized list of recommendations for improving your product over time in the form of a report.
  4. Implementation: Finally, we execute these improvements over a mutually agreed upon timeline that’s within your budget. Regular benchmarking and reporting helps you clearly understand improvements.

Need a faster, easier to use website that’s better for people and the planet? Drop us a quick line below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Digital Sustainability Services
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