We’re Hiring: Director of Growth & Impact

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Make an impact-focused career choice while helping us grow and evolve our purpose-driven digital agency.

We’re looking for a Director of Growth & Impact to join our team. This position combines traditional outbound sales and marketing with a community-focused approach to creating positive social and environmental impact. 

At Mightybytes, we help social enterprises, nonprofits, and purpose-driven businesses solve problems, build capacity, and amplify their impact. Our digital agency is a small, close-knit team of technologists, marketers, and problem solvers working to make a measurable difference in the world. For Certified B Corps like ours, growth and impact are inextricably linked. This role would be a great fit for an experienced salesperson who shares our passion for supporting the Impact Economy.

This is a virtual, full-time position that reports to the President. Compensation includes a base salary plus commission and a full benefits package. Some travel may be required. Sorry, no phone calls or placement agency solicitations accepted.

Core Purpose

As a key member of our team, you will help us improve the company’s positive social and environmental impact by forging new relationships within the impact sector while driving sales of our digital products and services. 

Your primary responsibilities will be to help us:

  1. Drive growth: Increase the number of qualified leads Mightybytes closes.
  2. Measure impact: Analyze and communicate how our efforts contribute to overall positive social and environmental impact.

Drive Growth

Collaborate with our team to identify organizations and opportunities that fuel our mission:

  • Pipeline improvement: Increase the number of prospective clients entering our sales/marketing funnel through various channels.
  • Community-building: Nurture ongoing, trust-based relationships that help us create shared value within the impact sector.
  • Proposal creation: Work with our team to craft exceptional solutions to client problems and communicate those clearly in proposals.
  • Close new business: Finally, we achieve our company mission by converting impact-driven prospects and warm leads into paying clients with values-aligned projects. This is key to our success.

Measure Impact

Mightybytes employs several impact business models that help us better serve clients with ethical, responsible, and more sustainable digital solutions. We’re looking for creative ways to measure the impact we create for these organizations:

  • Data strategy: Identify which metrics make most sense to track on each project and help us craft successful measurement strategies.
  • Risk & resilience analysis: Help us better understand potential risks to maintaining a healthy business ecosystem while achieving our goals.
  • Benchmarking: Measure progress over time and identify methods for continuous learning and improvement to reach desired outcomes.
  • Impact reporting: Based on the points above, help us craft compelling impact reports that clearly outline the public benefit we create.

Skills & Strengths

You’ll do really well in this role if you possess the following qualities:

  • Mission-focused: You want to create positive social and environmental impact and collaborate with like-minded people to drive change.
  • Clear communicator: You are skilled at conveying technical information in concise ways that non-technical audiences can easily understand.
  • Well-connected: You have an established network within the impact sector that you are eager to grow.
  • Friendly & collaborative: You enjoy interacting with people to engender trust and build community. You also value good collaboration and continuous learning, which are at the heart of everything Mightybytes does.
  • Consistent: You can show month-to-month results and provide a consistent, delightful experience for new and existing customers.

These qualities will also help you find success faster:

  • Agency experience: Experience selling consulting services and digital agency projects in a competitive environment is useful.
  • B Corp knowledge: You don’t need to be a B Corp guru. However, knowing what Certified B Corps are and how they contribute to a broader, stakeholder-driven economy will prove very valuable in this role.
  • Digital acumen: A proven track record showing that you understand how design and technology can be responsibly applied to real-world problems. Knowledge of digital sustainability is a big plus!

Position Logistics

We have budgeted a base salary range of $60k to $70k plus commissions on closed deals. Mightybytes’ benefits package includes health/dental/vision coverage, generous PTO including holidays, remote work, flex time, and other benefits. 

Start Date: We’re willing to wait for the right candidate, so our start date for this position is flexible.

To Apply for This Position

Please apply for this position on B Work. Be sure to include your LinkedIn profile and any relevant career milestones that you think we might be interested in. Sorry, but we’re not accepting phone calls or solicitations from placement agencies or recruiters.

About Mightybytes

As a Certified B Corp and LGBT-certified Business Enterprise, we always strive to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce. We look for candidates who demonstrate a high level of multicultural competence and comfort working in an inclusive environment. All applicants to open positions will be considered without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, disability, gender identity or expression, age, or any other basis prohibited by law.

To learn more about the specific projects Mightybytes uses to create positive social and environmental impact, please review our portfolio. To learn more about how we apply responsibility and sustainability principles to the work we do, read our Code of Ethics or explore our blog.

If all this sounds interesting to you, please consider applying. We would love to hear from you.

Mightybytes is a Chicago-based digital agency and Certified B Corporation. Connect with us on LinkedIn or get in touch via our contact form.