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Drag+Fly, our new drag and drop website builder, will help you meet digital marketing goals without blowing your budget.

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Drag and drop website builders offer simple ways to quickly build custom web pages and work around the often inflexible templates found in most content management systems (CMS). With a standard CMS, and even some drag and drop systems, you can only get so far before running into a technical hurdle, content roadblock, or feature glitch that’s beyond your expertise. That’s why we created Drag+Fly, a WordPress-based drag and drop website builder that comes with the strategy and expertise of a seasoned agency team. 

How to launch Drag+Fly from WordPress

Drag+Fly is launched directly from the standard WordPress page editor.

Why Should I Use Drag+Fly?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Drag+Fly offers the simplicity of other drag and drop website builders with dozens of components for common website features such as contact forms and image galleries, all customized to your brand.
  • Unlike other similar tools, it also comes with support and several hands-on workshops where our team of agency experts helps you quickly create a slick and professional digital marketing tool that can help you grow your business. 
  • By coupling drag and drop ease and speed with agency skill and expertise, Drag+Fly gets you results fast without emptying your bank account.
Drag+Fly interface example

Sample modules, rows, and templates included in Drag+Fly.

Great! How Does Drag+Fly Work?

In as little as three months you can have a stunning new website based on WordPress, an industry-standard content management system that powers nearly 30% of the Internet. Plus, if you choose hosting, maintenance, and support from Mightybytes, your website will be powered by renewable energy and you’ll have a trusted partner as your needs change over time. 

From beginning to end, the process looks like this:

drag and drop website builder process


While three months may initially seem like a long time to build a website, keep in mind that during this time our agency team is customizing the site’s look and feel to match your brand standards while you collect, prepare, and create compelling content to fill the pages, a process that, even with our support, can take a very long time

What is Drag+Fly Good For?

Drag+Fly works great for common digital marketing needs:

  • Marketing websites
  • Sustainability reports
  • Product microsites
  • Annual reports
  • Benefit and sustainability reports
  • Content-focused minimum viable products (MVPs), where the intent is to quickly create a testable solution that can jumpstart ongoing improvements.

While Drag+Fly includes dozens of modules for common website components like contact forms and image galleries, its features are limited. Because they are based on WordPress, however, Drag+Fly websites can grow and evolve as your needs do. 

What Won’t Drag+Fly Work For?

If your website has tens of thousands of pages, requires gated content, custom search, or other unique features, Drag+Fly probably won’t be a good fit. Similarly, if you need third-party software integrations for donations, e-commerce, CRM systems, etc. we price those separately. For this level of customization, you might also want to look at our Enterprise-level WordPress solutions.

What Does Drag+Fly Cost?

Drag+Fly projects start at $25,000. This includes the cost of website builder as well as the support, production, and consulting required to bring your website to life. Optional add-ons are available. Specific details are outlined in each Drag+Fly project proposal.

Yes, a Drag+Fly Project Sounds Perfect For Me:

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Want to see a Drag+Fly project in action? Check out the Illinois B Corps Case Study in our portfolio.