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Please support Team Mightybytes on Climate Ride!

Bike advocacy and biking for the planet are popular pastimes with our crew.

In May, Joy, Steve, and Tim biked the NYC to DC Climate Ride. In June, we participated in Active Transportation Alliance’s Bike to Work Week Challenge, winning with 100% participation. This Fall, Bryan, Bill and Tim are headed to California for a 320 mile excursion down the coast in the name of sustainable solutions and a green economy. They are raising funds for Climate Ride and need your help!

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Why We’re Riding (or Volunteering)

We each have different personal reasons for participating in Climate Ride but one thing is consistent: we believe in the organization and the great work it does.

Bryan’s Ride

“I believe in the principle of eating good food grown in a sustainable way. I believe in the principle of efficiency in transportation as manifest in biking. I believe in the principle of clean power. Climate Ride is about all these things and more, which is why I am raising money and tasking myself with this physical challenge.”

Bill’s Ride

“I am volunteering for Climate Ride because I believe in the great work of the beneficiaries, especially Embarq, Green America, and At one point I applied for a job with 1% for the Planet as well. My experience so far with the people involved has been great. I have volunteered with numerous organizations and a lot of times have been let down on the day of the event. I am encouraged that Climate Ride is an organization that I want to continually be involved with. Also, after a personal health scare, I am committed to making cycling a larger part of my fitness activities.”

Joy’s Ride

“If you ask me, we should all be doing what we can while we’re able to. I’m biking the Climate Ride California because I believe in the power we can have to impact the world when we all come together. I feel blessed to be young, healthy, driven, and totally capable of completing my second Climate Ride of the year. I’m raising money for the Active Transportation Alliance and the League of American Bicyclists, both of which are dedicated to providing safe, more efficient and sustainable methods of transportation including walking, biking and public transit. The ATA specifically is based in Chicagoland, focusing on safe routes to school, safer sidewalks, crash reduction, and more throughout our local community. John Lennon was right on. ‘Power to the People.’ We can do this!”

Tim’s Ride

“For me this Climate Ride is embodied in four simple words: Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline. Tar sands are one of the biggest greenhouse gas offenders. The Alberta, Canada Tar Sands produce over 36 million tons of carbon dioxide per day, more than 1.3 million cars. There is currently one of the largest environmentally-driven civil disobedience acts going on at the White House right now to protest a pipeline which will bring tar sands oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, an area that still hasn’t recovered from last year’s BP oil spill. Take a look at this alarming video produced by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox (Gasland):

According to Josh Fox’s video, this pipeline looks like it could potentially run through my hometown of Iron Mountain, Michigan and that is literally too close to home for me.

Plus, the Climate Ride experience is an amazing one. Five days of working hard, sharing, and learning while surrounded by a talented and incredible group of people makes for an outlook-changing endeavor.”

More Ways to Do Good

Climate Ride has expanded its list of beneficiaries from three in 2010 to twenty-seven in 2011, so there are more ways than ever to make a difference. More importantly, we can now raise money for a local cause! Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance, an organization dedicated to making bicycling, walking and public transportation safe, convenient and fun in Chicago, is the ride’s newest beneficiary. ATA advocates for transportation that encourages and promotes safety, physical activity, health, recreation, social interaction, equity, environmental stewardship, and resource conservation.

Please consider making a donation at the link below. Every little bit makes a difference. Thank you.

Bryan, Bill, Tim and Joy

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