Earth Day Games Exhibit at Shedd Aquarium

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Vector illustration of a Beluga Whale in an ecosystem with Shedd Aquarium logo

Just in time for Earth Day 2016: this week we installed our latest exhibit for John G. Shedd Aquarium, a series of games that showcase the aquarium’s sustainability initiatives while also educating players on how to improve their own environmental impact.

Photo of Shedd Aquarium game kiosk being used by three people

Testing game play to ensure all the pieces work together.

The games, which run on iPads and feed data to a large overhead screen, teach players about Shedd sustainability initiatives, such as:

  1. Water recycling
  2. Temperature control
  3. Energy savings
Photo of Mightybytes team installing iPads for the Game kiosk at the Shedd Aquarium

Installing the iPads into exhibit housing.

By playing the iPad games, visitors can help improve conditions in a simulated Chicago environment on the large screen. Players can also make pledges to reduce their personal environmental impact as well in areas like water use reduction and energy savings. The impact of their own pledges as well as the collective impact of those made by all players are displayed on the large screen in real time.

Photo of Tech team installing the kiosk at the Shedd Aquarium

Multitasking: finishing up exhibit housing while also starting Windows.

The exhibit was created as part of a grant from the Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF), which informs and engages Illinois consumers about the state’s transformation to a digital electric grid. The Smart Power Illinois project we created with IGEN was also funded through ISEIF. The fine folks at Bridgewater Studio designed and fabricated the kiosk enclosure.

Photo of Mightybytes team testing the Game kiosk at the Shedd Aquarium

Guys in plaid make technology happen.

You can check out the sustainability kiosk in the Oceans Today section of John G. Shedd Aquarium starting on Earth Day 2016.

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