Stop Writing Web Copy That Over Explains Everything

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We’ve been working really hard at Mightybytes lately to marry content strategy and design. For a long time, these two disciplines existed in silos, which meant that when we built a website, a designer would create wireframes using placeholder text, then a content person would add the actual web copy later, once the designs were approved by the client. Read More ›

4 Common Questions About User Experience Design

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Last month I participated in a SheSays "Women in UX" panel discussion with Elizabeth Benker and Jennifer Chiang at the amazing Grindspaces in downtown Chicago. There were over 115 women that participated in an open discussion on what UX means (it’s more elusive than you think!) and the realities of practicing it in your client work. Each panelist was asked to answer a series of questions about their work as it related to UX, so I thought I'd share my answers here to give a bit more insight into the UX work we do here at Mightybytes! Read More ›