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Sustainable Web Design: Transitioning Flash to HTML5

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From Thai restaurant websites to massage therapy websites, Flash stepped in and offered to be everything to everyone.” We look back at how Flash became popular, and explain why we should stop using it.

How Flash Became Everything to Everyone

The year is 2006. A small microblogging service called Twitter is launched. North Korea successfully detonates its first nuclear device. Shakira discovers that human hips are incapable of deception. Americans are dizzy as the future they had been promised for so long is finally delivered at their feet, and a little outfit named Adobe Systems buys a technology from Macromedia, once called FutureSplash, and shortens the name to “Flash.”

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Build Better Web and Mobile Apps Using Node.js

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When I first heard about Node.js, I may well have scoffed. I don’t tend to scoff a lot, but using JavaScript to run a server engine seemed a bit like circumnavigating the globe in a swan-shaped paddle boat.

Don’t get me wrong, I love JavaScript. I also love giant swan boats, but I know that they don’t travel well, and they don’t do well in high seas. At any rate, JavaScript is often the right tool for the right job when it comes to creating dynamic front-end interfaces when you don’t need a lot of power, like say on a mobile device. But running a server using Javascript seemed a grossly underpowered swan boat for this particular ocean. So I dug deeper and what I found was badass.

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