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7 Design Principles for Transitioning from Print to Digital Media

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Transitioning from print to web design

Joy and Tim recently presented at the Chicago Area Adobe User Group monthly meetup on the topic of transition from print to web and digital design, an intimidating prospect for many print-based designers.

Showcasing techniques and lessons learned from past Mightybytes projects, they provided valuable insights to a packed house of enthusiastic art directors, designers, and other industry pros at Ascend Training’s downtown location. Here are some of the take-aways from that presentation.

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Worms in the Kitchen: Office Composting with Urban Worm Girl

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Urban Worm Girl logo

Increasing sustainability through the magical power of worms, Stephanie Davies and Amber Gribben of Urban Worm Girl are helping people get smart about the environment one compost bin at a time.

Urban Worm Girl’s mission: to educate the community on composting with worms (also known as vermiculture). Worm superhero Stephanie came to Mightybytes yesterday and set us up with a sweet in-office composting system that will take care of our coffee grounds, banana peels, leftover scones, avocados, and even some paper waste like cardboard, egg crates, and newspaper.

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It’s Official! Mightybytes is a Three-Star Certified Green Business

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eco-Andersonville Certification

Green news is good news! Eco-Andersonville just announced Mightybytes as its newest green-certified business in review of our commitment to making a positive impact on People, Planet, and Prosperity throughout all business practices. The three-star certification is the highest level that Eco-Andersonville offers and we are thrilled that all our efforts in ‘greening’ Mightybytes as […]

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Return on Engagement

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Return On Engagement book cover

Return on Engagement was delivered to Focal Press about six minutes before 5:00 pm on Thursday, February 4, 2010 (but who’s counting?). Just a few hundred words shy of 100,000, this digital marketing tome is due out on early June, 2010 and will be available from Amazon and other online booksellers. “Achieve the return on […]

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Managing Interactive Media Projects

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managing interactive media projects book cover

A Process Guide for Creatives, Marketers, Students, and Project Managers Managing Interactive Media Projects by Tim Frick is available on and at fine bookstores everywhere. Its process-oriented content focuses primarily on best practices for creating Web, Flash, and other interactive projects both simple and complex with special attention to communication and organization in client-vendor […]

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