Holiday Mightybrew 2010

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This year’s winter batch includes an Imperial Pale Ale and our own custom version of a Brown Ale.

Tis the season, and at Mightybytes that means it’s also beer season! This year we’ve made some changes in our annual brewing adventures, moving on from pre-packaged beer kits used in past years, to recipes from Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione. Add in our some of our own creative improvisation and holiday Mightybrew 2010 bubbles to life.

I’ve sort of been taking on the job of de-facto brewmaster for this batch and so far no explosions or kitchen fires. (Well, we did have a minor but safe brew explosion in the Summer 2010 batch.) I love to cook, but never really made the connection between cooking and brewing beer. Working with raw ingredients instead of beer kits has really helped. Being guided by the recipes in Extreme Brewing has helped immensely as well. How can you go wrong with a book written by a craft beer maestro, founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, and host of Discovery Channel’s Brew Masters? The more we do this, the closer we get to experimentation in the brewing process. And that’s the fun stuff!

Thus, the Holiday Mightybrew Taste Report:

Imperial Pale Ale:  Hopportunity Knocks

I cracked open two bottles of the IPA for office peeps to try. Here’s what they had to say:
TAI: This is much better than our first attempt. It’s very crisp.
STEVE: Very crisp. Not heavy. Easy drinking.
JOY: It’s got a ton of flavor at the start, but it goes down easy.
ME: I thought it had more flavor than I thought it had last night. I also wasn’t drinking a huge 9.2% beer in front of it.

Brown Ale:  Downtown Mighty Brown

We filled 6 of the 12 fancy liter bottles and it really looks great as a package. We also filled 12-ounce bottles and Joy created fantastic labels, possibly even cooler than our 2009 Mightybrew labels, which won an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA magazine.

For full documentation of our holiday brewing adventures, check out our Flickr set, Holiday Mightybrew 2010 @ Mightybytes.

We’ll be popping the tops of the Mightybrew batch this Friday afternoon to kick off the holiday season. Thirsty?

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