The Mightyride with a Twist: Bike Commuter Challenge 2013

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Team Mightybytes was proud to participate in the Bike Commuter Challenge 2013.

The Bike Commuter Challenge is an annual competition presented by the Active Transportation Alliance to help Chicago improve conditions for bicycling, walking and transit while engaging people in healthy and active ways to get around. Having brought home the gold in previous public transit and bike commuter challenges, Team Mightybytes decided to up the ante this year by making a bet with our friends at Orbit Media, where the “loser” had to buy the “winner” lunch.

A good time was had by all competitors. The Active Transportation Alliance does a great job of organizing bike commuting pit stops through the Chicagoland area throughout Bike to Work Week Chicago 2013, to keep people motivated about biking to work, especially if that’s something you’re not used to doing. A great thing about the bike commuter pit stops is you’re able to grab free CLIF Bars and Dark Matter Coffee. You can also receive a free bike safety check, as well as free air and bicycle lube.

An Active Transportation Alliance Pit Stop during Bike to Work Week 2013.

An Active Transportation Alliance Pit Stop during Bike to Work Week 2013.

Bike Commuter Challenge Team Stats

During this year’s Bike Commuter Challenge 2013, 11 out of our 14 employees registered to participate, 313 miles were travelled, and 15 gallons of fuel were saved by biking. As this year’s victors, we look forward to being treated to pizza by our friends at Orbit later this week.

The Mightyride 2013

As part of our annual participation in Bike to Work Week, Mightybytes organizes a group ride called the MightyRide. This year’s ride began with Amber riding in all the way from Oak Park, which is about a 12 mile ride in for her. She met up with Bryan, and the two of them enjoyed the pit stop at the intersection of Ashland, Division, and Milwaukee Avenue. When they were done filling up on free coffee and CLIF bars they made their way up to Belmont Ave & Damen Ave where they picked up myself, and Buddy. And the four of us rode the rest of the 4.1 mile route up to the office together in celebration of Bike To Work Week Chicago.

With our recent move to the new office, Mightybytes is located in Ravenswood, conveniently close to the majority of our people’s homes. So we had a smaller MightyRide group this year. But just because there were only four of us doesn’t mean that we weren’t accomplishing something bigger because the whole office still biked or walked into work that day, whether or not it was part of our group ride.

Bike Helmets

There’s lots of space in our new office in Ravenswood to hang bike helmets, and there’s a room to lock up our bikes in the basement.

Why Bicycle Advocacy is Important

The message behind Bike to Work Week Chicago is something that really resonates with me. This was especially true after the Bobby Cann tragedy on May 29, when the 26-year-old was fatally struck by a driver in an area of Chicago where the Active Transportation Alliance has been advocating for the creation of a protected bike lane. It’s not just about getting on your bike for five days and riding to work. Cycling advocacy, bike safety and advocacy for alternative forms of transportation like taking the bus or the train is a big part of Bike to Work Week, and the Bike Commuter Challenge, as well.

Pizza Party with Orbit Media

As a certified B Corporation with a triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity Mightybytes truly believes in the Active Transportation Alliance’s mission of making bicycling, walking and public transit so safe, convenient and fun that we can achieve a significant shift away from environmentally harmful travel. The Alliance also advocates for transportation that encourages and promotes safety, physical activity, health, recreation, social interaction, and resource conservation. And after our third year of participation, Mightybytes continues to try and live by those values. Cheers to another a year of cycling. Just remember to be safe, be healthy, and ride on!

Team Mightybytes had a lot of fun celebrating our Bike to Work Week victory with our friends at Orbit Media. We look forward to supporting the work of the Active Transit Alliance throughout the year.

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